Welcome All!

Most people wouldn’t think for a second about the title of my post, “Welcome All!”, what’s special about that?  Well let me explain, it’s not just about welcoming people here to my blog (don’t get me wrong, it’s doing that too). It’s more about saying “welcome all” in everything you do.

It’s been shown that most STEM jobs are held by men (read more about it here).


But that will all be changing soon.

I’m beyond proud to say that I’m one of the many women trying to change the statistics!  No longer can someone say to you, “You can’t do that, you’re a girl.”

In today’s age there is no reason why women shouldn’t be welcomed into this field (or any field at all), and that’s what this blog post is all about.  So ready for it or not, women are welcome, men are welcome, ALL are welcome.

**In the future this blog will be a place to come and see tutorials, learn about the different strides being made in I.T., find out some useful information on technology in general and overall just a place to find encouragement.